The love nobody can follow – Heavenly Mother’s Love

we love mother

We sometimes talked about the unrequited love

It has good merits

1. Nobody knows whom I love

2. I can choose whomever I love

3. Never be jilted

But the One’s unrequied love makes me cry and thank

Unrequited Love

The saddest love
While being eyeable, the desire remains
Being awake or asleep, longing never stops
Love that is stifled with yearning
Love that is unalterable
Love that is inextricable
Love that is unstoppable though disregarded
Love that is steadfast over time
Love that is never hideous without being comprehended
Love that laughs and cries for a sinner
Love that trusts, though the promise is broken
Love that moves to tears for an apology
Love that is engraved in the heart, even for a halfhearted gratitude
Love that waits, though the love for the world is greater
Mother’s unrequited love is solely for the sinner
Mother’s love becomes the spring sunlight, and warmly covers my heart
Mother’s love becomes the rain drops on a cool summer day, and moistens my thirsty soul
Mother’s love becomes the sweet fruit on an autumn day, and fills my hungry soul
Mother’s love becomes the warm blanket on a winter day, and melts my icy soul
At last, because of Mother’s everlasting love
This sinner returns to Mother’s arms
I repent
I thank
And I love

Thank you Heavenly Mother about your sacrifice


Mother’s long-sleeve clothes

Frankly, I couldn’t understand why my mother had to wear long sleeves all the time.

Even throughout sizzling hot summers, she just had to wear long sleeve clothes.

Since she was satisfied feeding her children rather than herself, all day long she worked in the field for income.

All those sufferings that she had gone through under the sun created lengtigines on her arms, like a tattoo.

Leaving all the heaven’s glory behind, Heavenly Mother dwells with us, all covered with filthy sins.

She forgets all about Her pain when She sees Her children smile.
I now want to realize Her sufferings concealed behind her smiles.

Like Jacob and Issac, I want to be Her joy and Her smile.

How deep ! Parents’ Love – About God the Father & God the Mother (The World Mission Society Church Of God /WMSCOG)

 “Father’s love that I later realized”

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My father raised us; three children, all alone.

And among those children, he loved me most, who resembled him.

During childhood, he used to take me on his motorcycle when he went hunting or fishing.

I also loved to follow him wherever he went.

As I became a junior high, I liked hanging around with my friends instead of spending time with my father.

“Your dad’s here.”

It was when we were having P.E.

I quickly said it wasn’t my father and ran away.

Noticing that I was embarrassed of him, he silently left without calling my name.

From that day, he didn’t visit my school.

As I became a grownup, I started to come home really late.

My father used to save meat dishes that he made for dinner. Then, he would call me to his room and fed me.

With annoyed look and voice, I would go to my room, saying that I was exhausted and sleepy.

In those years, I couldn’t realize.

The love of my father who waited for me spending all night without sleep, making sure the room was warm enough.

There was a time when I received a gallstone operation.

Since I had no mother, it was my father’s duty to look after me.

My gallstone got infected after the operation and had to be hospitalized for a month.

My father would come to the hospital 7 in the morning and went home 11 in the evening.

Though he spent his whole month for me, this immature daughter was annoyed of him being closed to me and thinking that my friends were uncomfortable with him, I would go to places where he was not present.

I would fume and fret to my father who looked after me every day.

I even starved myself saying that I’ve lost my appetite.

My father would then pack some food at home and come to the hospital which took 3 hours by bus.

Worrying that I needed to eat well in order to take strong medicine, he would always prepare the food nice and warm.

Early morning till late night he would only consider me, but I fumed and fretted and was annoyed with him.

When I finally realized my father’s silent love, he was no longer with me.

That regret still remains in my heart thinking that I should have realized sooner.

As time passes by, I realize how deep and wide my father’s love was.

And then I started to think about Heavenly Father.

I see myself how carelessly I considered Heavenly Father’s untiring love, coming to this earth to give us life.

How painful his heart must have been whenever I neglected Father’s love.

I promised myself not to leave regret in my heart again.

As a child who has received Heavenly Father’s great love, I now want to get on his side and become a child who can give him joy.

Painful to child, the most painful to mother- About God the Mother


[영어] 배너


It was on one sizzling hot summer day, as if the heat would melt down the road.

My seven-year-old son kept on pestering me to go to the cool fountains in the park.

Thinking that I had to wait in the heat with a towel, for him to have fun in the water, I couldn’t even consider about going.

But of course, my child would never give up.

“Okay… okay… Fine. Let’s go.”

Having a smile ear to ear, my son was full of joy and kept on humming.

When we arrived at the park, seeing him enjoying the cool water, I also felt refreshed and I thought I made the right choice.


Checking one of my text messages, I heard a shrieking sound. My son was sitting on the bare ground and crying. When I went close to him, I noticed his toe was bleeding. While I was looking away from him, playing with his shoes off, his toe got stuck in one of the fountains. And trying to get his toe out, his toenail fell off.

I carried him on my back and ran to the ER.

For that small moment, my toes felt so painful as if my own toes were cut off. I was also so anxious. He took an X-ray examination on his toe to make sure he didn’t break any bones.

Fortunately, there weren’t any bones broken. The doctor took off the piece of flesh narrowly hanging on to his toe, and put on some ointment after disinfecting the wound. Though it hurt, my son couldn’t possible cry because he was nervously glancing on me, because he knew he refused to listen to his mother who told him not to take his shoes off.

‘That little toe dressed in a bandage…

How painful would it be?

Oh, I told him to listen to his mother.

No, I had to watch him every single moment….’

I regretted and felt guilty at the same time.

This is mother’s heart. Even if there’s a small scar on her child’s body, it is heart-rending.

Seeing just a little toe falling off from his feet really hurts me. I realized how anxious Heavenly Mother must have been seeing her loving children waiting to be sent to this land of death.

It was a natural thing for us to go through for our sins, but our Heavenly Mother sheds tears even today, considering Herself as a sinner.’

Coming back to our house, seeing my child sleeping on my back after being all exhausted from being frightened, I shed tears thinking about our Heavenly Mother.
Though I let Her worry even in Heaven, I still don’t seem to fully repent and always leave a scar on Her heart.

Seeing my foolish self, I couldn’t possibly forget how sorry I was.

I promised myself to change.

Without forgetting Her words that “We must be born again with a flawless faith,” I want to obey all Her words, to become a daughter who can give smiles to Her instead of scars.

Child’s Love : Mother’s Love


A Letter from the Son, and Mother’s Reply
There was an immature son who wrote a letter to his mother.
On the header it reads, “I love you Mom.”
Mom, I know that you are having hard times with me.
I always go out and play and never help you. I’m sorry, Mom.
But I know you’ll forgive me, right?
Mom. I love you so much.
Do you also love me? 
Mom, even if you don’t love me, I’m really thankful that you’re my Mom.
Mom, I love you!
Of course the son wrote an unaffected and pure letter.
Then, the mother replied to his letter:
My son, do you know?
I love you not because you are the only one in this world.
It’s because I love you, and that’s why you are the only one in this world.
My son, do you know?
Even if I lost everything in this world, I don’t want to lose you for this world.
My son, do you know?
The only reason why I exist in this world?
That’s because of you.
From General Pastor’s sermon: ‘God is Love’
Always loving these immature children, and only considering us,
I give thanks, praises and eternal glory to our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.
I no longer want to be an immature child, and want to confess,

What a beautiful world-3 World Mission Society Church of God

beach clean up

A Beach Clean-up

Yesterday, the World Mission Society Church of God carried out a campaign to clean up the beach of Viejo, Panama in commemoration of the Day of the New Jerusalem. The clean-up campaign was held simultaneously in 150 countries where 2,200 churches are located.

What a beautiful world-2 World Mission Society Church of God


[Mexico] Cleaned up the streets of Atlixco in preparation for the Passover

On April 28, more than 250 members of the World Mission Society Church of God gathered in the streets with brooms in their hands to carry out a “Clean-up Campaign” for the Passover 2013. Starting from Zócalo Public Square, they cleaned up Avenue Indpendencia, Avenue M. Avila Camachoy and the district of Chapulapa. They collected 1.5 tons of trash through this campaign.

“Thank you for cooperating and supporting the City of Atlixco for last 3 years. If all people participate in clean-up campaigns like things you do, all problems which occur due to wastes will reduced,” said Carlos Gamez, Chief Manager of the Department of Environmental Affairs of Atlixco as a representative of the City.

Jose Cruz, Secretary of the Department of Environmental Affairs, expressed his gratitude, saying “I express my thanks to you on behalf Mayor. Public policies cannot be successful without citizen participation. You played an important role in protecting and preserving the environment.”

This activity became a good opportunity to increase environmental awareness of the citizens who marveled at the parade of the Church members who happily cleaned up the streets.

The clean-up campaign was held simultaneously by the members of the World Mission Society Church of God in 150 countries where 2,200 churches are located around the world. The campaign was prepared as one of the events to commemorate the grace and sacrifice of God the Father and God the Mother who came as the Spirit and the Bride to save mankind in this age (Revelation 22:17.)

The World Mission Society Church of God believes in God the Mother as well as God the Father by following the words of the prophecies of the Bible, and has been conducting various community services such as blood drives and natural disaster recovery activities. The Church of God practices the teachings of Heavenly Mother and shares “Love your neighbor” not only with words but with deeds, which brings warmth to people’s mind. It is the third clean-up campaign conducted by the World Mission Society Church of God in Atlixco.

What a beautiful world-1 World Mission Society Church of God

남양상보2[1] (1)

[Overseas news / Malaysia] Church of God in Kuala Lumpur visited the Ampang Old Folk’s Home
Date : May 31, 2013
Press : Namyang Newspaper

Delivering happiness with a performance for fifty elders
(30th of May, Ampang) Church of God located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, delivered happiness for 50 elders through a special event, in their visit in Ampang Old Folk’s Home.
The members of the World Mission Society Church of God (General Paster Joo-Cheol Kim) visited the old folk’s home and warmed up the people around them, holding a feast for the elders.
Performing marial arts; Kung-fu, Hapkido, and a vignette(finding the true parents with a small bag), the Church of God members got rid of boredom and monotonous contents that the elders had living in the old folk’s home, and also enhanced their pleasure with nutritious drinks, korean sweet red-bean porridges, and homemade bread.
Secretary of the welfare committee in Ampang Chia Soon Seong said, the elders had a great time with the performance and wished the members of the Church of God to revisit.
“The elders didn’t even bother going to the restroom. They were mesmerized by the Kung-fu, vignette, and singing.”
One of the members of the Church of God Chia Ling Ling said, “It was a great opportunity sharing happiness with the elders.”
Learn the wisdom of life through the elders
She also said, “Since we can learn the wisdom of life through the elders, they deserve to be respected.”
The Church of God was founded by Ahnsahnghong in 1964, and including the present church in Malaysia, there are currently 2,200 churches around 170 countries.
Not only the Church of God does missionary works, but it also hosts many environmental cleanup activities, blood drives, and visits old folk’s homes and orphanages, all based on God’s love.

(above on the left) Waiting for the performance, the elders are watching a promo video of the Church of God.
(above on the right) The members of the Church of God are singing ten golden oldies, performing their dance routines that they have prepared, continuously for a long time.

(below) The Church of God members and the Ampang Old Folk’s home residents.


Mother want to give all to her children

2011-09-30 17.01.42

A poor mother always feel sorry to her children because she can’t give them whay they want. But one thing only she can give her children is her love. Here is a story. Let’s see.

When the mother and the child were passing by a candy shop, the child started pestering,

“Mummy, I want candy. Candy!!”

“No. Since mommy’s got no money, I’ll get you next time.”

“Candy!! Candy!!”

Without concerning her words, the child kept on insisting.

The mother’s face hardened.

Once the child pestered, she wouldn’t stop.

“Mommy said, I got no money! Stop pestering!”


The child sadly cried after getting a spank on her butt.

Sensing her mother, the child stopped crying.

Though the child stopped crying, the mother started to cry..

“Mummy. Don’t cry…”

The child wiped the mother’s tears with her hands and cuddled in her mother’s arms.

After few days, the mother and the child passed by a toy shop.

Feeling sorry for the last time, the mother asked the child.

“Have anything you want me to buy for you?”

“No Mummy. After you’ve got a lot of money you can buy me one!”

Considering the child’s age, she should have behaved like a child.

But the child already became mature, which made the mother feel bad.

After that very day, the child never asked her mother to buy something for her.

Not even once…

Though I can barely remember that incident, my mother always wipes her tears whenever she tells me about that day.

During hard times, I can imagine how heartbroken she must have been not being able to buy even a candy or a small toy for me.

Though ten years have passed, she must have regretted so much because she moves into tears whenever she talks about that day.

The painful memory engraved in my mother’s heart makes my heart feel bitter.

“Mother, don’t cry no more.

I am a happy person who grew up with your love, and that love retains in my heart.

I earnestly hope that only bright smile can appear on your face.”

Truth never changed


Now, 2000 years ago. 6000 years ago and long long time ago, the earth has been circle and has been rounding arond the sun. Just people didn’t know the truth. A few centuries ago, some people insisted the heliocentric theory, but some was killed and some have juded in the Inquisition They were ignorant and they didn’t know about their ignorance, Even they didn’t try to know it. The one who deny the truth show us how ignorant he is.
Like the people who say no mother in the Bible. Even though the Bible show mother’s existence from the begining
Why do they deny and reject God the Mother whom the Bible teaches? Some would not acknowledge the truth even though the existence of God the Mother is proven from the Bible. Also, there are people who say that they just do not want to talk anymore because they have never heard such teachings while attending the church for several decades. The truth of God the Mother might sound very strange. So they sometimes say, “It’s a new view” or “it’s a new theory” since it’s very different from what they have known so far.

However, nobody boasts of ignorance. We need to listen to the words of the Bible with a humble mind if we have never been taught, don’t we? The truth of the Scriptures about God the Mother is “not” new. It’s recorded in the book of Genesis and also appears in the New Testament. It’s a precious truth which has been shared in the history of the Bible.

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness… So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. (Genesis 1:26-27)

But the Jerusalem that is above [the heavenly Jerusalem: GNT] is free, and she is our mother. (Galatians 4:26)

God the Mother, witnessed in the Bible, was the truth that was also present in the time of the Early Church. But the church became secularized in around the 4th century when it was united with the political power of the Roman Empire. During secularization, the church accepted pagan rituals and ideas which were rampant throughout the Empire. Non-biblical doctrines appeared and, weirdly enough, Mary, who was just the physical mother of Jesus, took the place of God the Mother. Of course, the doctrine of virgin Mary was affected by pagan religion called the worship of “mother and son.”

God the Mother whom the Bible testifies about is the Savior and the Creator, while Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a mere creature like us. Jesus also warned us not to regard His physical family members as someone godlike:

As Jesus was saying these things, a woman in the crowd called out, “Blessed is the mother who gave you [Jesus] birth and nursed you.” He replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” (Luke 11:27-28)

The Roman Catholic Church distorted the truth of God the Mother and instead put up a false doctrine to believe in the false mother by calling a mere woman Mary “the Holy Mother.” Since then, the Catholic Church had exercised absolute power for more than one thousand years and no one had argued about its doctrines. But the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church reached its height during the late Middle Ages and at last its secular power collapsed when the Reformers appeared to obtain religious freedom and to restore the truth which had disappeared. They were the founders of Protestantism.

The Protestant churches declared that they were different from the Catholic Church. But their doctrines such as the Apostles’ Creed, Sunday service and Christmas were directly adopted from the non-biblical doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. In other words, their Reformation was incomplete because their restoration was imperfect and only partial amendments were made. Obviously, it it not biblical to “divinize” and rely on Mary for salvation. However, we should not only deny and reject it, but also restore the true truth of God the Mother. The Protestant churches denied the truth of God the Mother itself.

The Scriptures clearly testify about God the Mother and it is written in Galatians 4:26. However, both Protestant and Catholic churches deny the truth about God the Mother. The former is the one that changed the truth, and the latter that seemingly understands the falsehood of Mary but insists that there is no God the Mother. When we face the truth, we need the courage to make a decision.

For this people’s heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them.’ (Matthew 13:15)

When the Jews faced the truth that Jesus was the Savior and God, they became so stubborn and insisted that it’s not true. Pilate, who was a judge, feared the Jews rather than the truth and played a role in Jesus’ death by turning Him over to be executed. Now, how would both the Jews and Pilate regret their choice?

You are facing the truth. Today, Christians turn their faces away from the truth of the Bible and act as if they were the Jews of 2000 years ago with a fixed idea that there is only one God — God the Father. And some are hesitating to accept the truth although they see it. How about you? Will you persist that what you know is absolutely correct? Or, will you ignore the truth as if you did not know it? Or, will you be reluctant to make a decision because you think it’s difficult to suddenly change your belief?

There is God the Mother. We should receive God the Mother to get salvation. God still gives you an opportunity to become one of the prophets who can join and proclaim this truth. Don’t be stubborn and don’t be reluctant. The blessings and the privileges to face the truth are given to those who make a brave decision.